Our Story

Sitting in this quaint little cheese shop, gazing out at picturesque Cowichan Bay, an amazing dream began to form in our minds and our hearts.  As the distant cry of gulls accompanied the comradery at the table and an amazing artisanal cheese board, Christopher Paton-Gay said the words that started it all – Everyone should be able to experience this! – And so began our long and amazing journey to what we now offer you with both pride and joy.

In those early days Hilary’s was the little shop that sold Hilary’s Cheese products. Hilary’s Cheese was a local cheese producer in the area.  Our vision was so much greater than that. We wanted to be able to offer local artisan cheeses from the numerous local farm producers as well as a comprehensive world class selection.

The quaint little cheese shop grew into an amazing gathering place where people came from near and far to experience our cheesemonger’s selections that were so perfectly paired with our sommelier’s suggestions and Sonja Todd was the driving force behind it all.

The vistas have not changed but the addition of our large, warm hearth and inviting interior made the atmosphere at Hilary’s welcoming and equally perfect for couples or large groups.  With Sonja there to greet our guests and oversee all aspects of cheese and wine, the once quaint little cheese shop was now the thriving destination it was meant to be.

We cannot bring each and every one of you to our flagship cheese shop no matter how much we would love to.  What we can do is provide you with the opportunity to serve your family, friends and guests some of the world’s best cheeses, delivered directly to you in a timely fashion and accompanied by all our expertise allowing you to experience the magic we did those many years ago.

With our online store you can access our cheesemongers from anywhere in the world to help you make the perfect selection of cheese for whatever your needs are.   We can help you with wine pairings, recipes, amounts and serving suggestions. We are so happy to be able to offer you everything you will need for your cheese adventures, whether you are a seasoned pro or just beginning to dabble into the world of fromageries.

We look forward to joining you on your journey through the world of cheese.