Cheese Varietals



This smooth, firm cheese originates in the north eastern region of Switzerland.  It’s warm straw like colouring and mild aroma does not fully reveal the tangy yet fruity taste you will experience with each morsel you place in your mouth.


Hilary’s Cheese is delighted to be able to offer you three varieties of this amazing must have cheese.

Classic – Silver Label

Surchoix – Gold Label

Extra – Black Label


Smoked Applewood Cheddar-1977Applewood

This dense semi-hard Ontario cheese is golden-amber in colouring as a result of being dusted with paprika.  It has a spicy, smokey flavour and is often referred to as Applewood smoked cheddar although this cheddar is not actually smoked.

The combination of the spicy flavour and smokey aroma make this cheddar perfect with your favourite meat dishes or on a beautiful fruit plate, equally.  This cheese is destined to become one of your staples for entertaining.




Asiago is an Italian classic dating back over a thousand years.  Its pungent aroma and full flavour are what will weave this cheese into the very memories of some of your favourite meals and time spent with loved ones.  Crumbling Asiago into a steaming bowl of soup or grating it onto your crisp summer salad you know it they only improve with the addition.

Hilary’s Cheese has taken great care to ensure that you have access to quality Asiago whenever you need it.


Avonlea Clothbound Cheddar

This savoury, rich and earthy cheddar is made on Prince Edward Island off the East Coast of Canada.  It is a firm and slightly crumbly cloth wrapped artisan cheese that’s colour is reflected by the season it is produced in.   This is a hearty offering from the small, lush, pastoral farms where they have earned the title artisan.


Bavaria blu

This creamy German cheese gets its unique flavour from the succulent grasses the cows providing the milk feed on.  With no additives or preservatives there is nothing to get between you and the pure enjoyment of this handmade delight to the palate.



Beemster 2% Milk Slimkaas

A Dutch aged cheese that has less fat but retains an amazing flavour is what Beemster 2% Milk Slimkaas provides.  A healthier choice with nutty flavour notes and floral aromas. A 29% calcium content and lactose and gluten free make Beemster 2% Milk Slimkaas a welcome surprise in today’s cheese markets.


Beemster Classic

A cheese connoisseur’s delight from Norther Holland.  This extra aged cheese comes from an area renowned for its unique lands that lend to the production of sweet, rich milk from the cows that graze upon them.

The strong, inviting aroma and warm caramel colouring of this cheese coupled with a savoury taste makes Beemster Classic perfect for all occasions.  This cheese can be paired with a variety of wines, will compliment any of your culinary offering or can be enjoyed all on its own.

This is what makes savouring the award winning Beemster Classic an experience not to be missed.


Bleu Benedictine-13-2

Bleu Bénédictin

A Canadian blue cheese with deep veins and a light yellow colouring.  This cheese has a rich and aromatic nature with bold flavours and woody undertones.  A perfect complement to that special bottle of wine you have been saving, a baguette and some good company.


Blue d'Auvergne-2286Bleu d’Auvergne

Bleu d’Auvergne is a creamy and strong aromatic delight that is distinguished by its deep dotting of blue-green mould and model ivory colouring.  Originating in south-central France, this bold cheese with its spicy, tangy and buttery flavours is the perfect pairing to a sweet dessert wine or a daring and full-bodied red.



Small, unripened, mild Italian cheeses, Bocconcini are made from cow and buffalo milk.  They are soft, mild and delicious bite-sized cheeses that have a delicate aroma and an elastic texture.

You can savour your Bocconcini wrapped in prosciutto, use it in a variety of traditional Italian dishes or sprinkle it into your salad.  Here at Hilary’s Cheese we know that Bocconcini is best consumed fresh so we take great pride in ensuring that is how you will receive your order.


Bresse Bleu

This French blue cheese is a gentler experience than the more traditional cheeses of this variety.  The aroma is fresh and the flavour notes are buttery. This is an excellent choice when you are creating a platter with multiple cheese offerings.  It allows you to offer a full range of flavours and choices without having one bold player overpower the others.


Brie de Meaux-1Brie de Meaux

Known as the “King of Cheese” this soft, rich, sweet French cheese deserves its moniker.  The cheese has a soft, almost flowing centre surrounded by a harder rind. You can serve this amazing cheese at room temperature with plain flavoured crackers or crusty bread or you can warm it with nuts, garlic or cranberries on top. The presentation of this cheese is limited only by your imagination.

This cheese pairs well with a Pinot Gris or Champagne making this the perfect choice to offer at all your special occasions.



This semi-soft, mild German cheese is the perfect addition to any cheese plate and because it can be sliced or melted is an equally exceptional inclusion in either a hot or cold sandwich.  The flavour of Butterkase will develop in your mouth making eating it an experience you will want to enjoy again and again.

The perfect pairing for this offering from Hilary’s Cheese is a tall, cold mug of your favourite beer.


Buttermilk Blue

The daring, tangy, creamy barrage of flavour produced by this championship cheese from Emmi Roth will immerse you in true blue cheese heaven.   This cheese is an excellent choice for putting in your favorite recipe, serving with figs and chocolate or enjoying with a very dry gin martini.

Created from raw milk and cellar-aged for at least two months are why this blue cheese meets the high standards that Hilary’s Cheese sets when choosing what to offer their customers.



This Italian type cheese can be produced with either cow or sheep milk and is made throughout Southern Italy and the Balkans.  The springy texture, strong aroma and sharp, tangy flavour make this pasta filata type cheese the perfect choice to be enjoyed with a glass of red wine.



This astronomical delight is a brie-style blue cheese that is soft and creamy like a Camembert yet with the twang of a Gorgonzola.   This German cheese is wonderful on a plate with fruit or paired with your best Chardonnay.




This French classic is a soft pale yellow cheese with a bloomy rind that is meant to be eaten.  As the Camembert ages it goes through some distinctive textural changes. When it is fresh the cheese is hard and crumbly but as it matures it becomes smooth and ultimately runny.

Pairing this cheese is a joy.  Camembert goes amazingly well with a bottle of light red or a glass of cool crisp cider.


Aged Farmhouse zoomed-12Cashel Blue

This semi-soft pungent cheese is Ireland’s original farmhouse blue offering.  This fine artisan cheese relies on its balance in taste, aroma and texture to provide an experience to the feaster that will not soon be forgotten.   Hilary’s Cheese takes immense pride in being able to bring this treasure from Ireland to your table.

Enjoy this with a handful of grapes or a glass of Gewurztraminer.



An aromatic French cheese with a full and intense flavour.  The creamy, pale yellow pate and golden washed rind make this cheese equally mouth-watering grilled or served with crusty bread and fruit.



Cheese Curds-5Cheese Curds

Curds are the solid, mild, salty bits of soured milk.  These can be enjoyed on their own or used in the regional dishes that you know and love best.  Whether you are serving them battered and deep fried on a casual snack platter or with your best Poutine recipe these morsels of flavour will be the magic in your creations.



Chevre de PaillotChevre

Goat’s milk cheese is higher in vitamin A and potassium and lower in fat than other cheeses.  The unique aroma, earthy flavour and variety of sizes and shapes that are available make this cheese a versatile choice.  It serves equally well as a dessert cheese as it does with drinks before dinner or incorporated into your main meal.




Comox Brie

This amazing example of Brie with its delicate buttery flavour and silky texture comes from Comox on Vancouver Island, Canada.  The soft, thin rind and pungent aromas coupled with the gentle flavour notes that you expect from a truly fine brie is why this award winning cheese is an experience you do not want to miss.


Comox Camembert

This award winning Camembert comes from Comox on Vancouver Island, Canada.  Natural Pastures Cheese Company produces this rich, creamy cheese with a supple texture from edge to centre evenly.  The delicate flavour notes of mushroom and butter and the pungent milky aroma give this cheese its distinction among the Camemberts.


Comte  (approx 8 week delivery, twice a year)

This hard French mountain cheese is considered to be one of the finest cheeses in the world.  The texture of the cheese can vary in a wedge from crystalline to silky while the colouring will remain a pale yellow.   Comte melts well so it is perfect for many or your recipes but with brown-butter flavour and roasted-nut aromas it is also the perfect choice for your cheese and fruit plate.

Comte pairs well with an off-dry sherry or a rich red wine.


Parmesan Reggiano-2316Parmigiano Reggiano

The Cravero family has been hand-selecting and aging wheels of this flavourful and familiar Italian cheese since 1855.  This cheese is like adding a warm hug to the love that you are already serving. Whether you are shaving this Italian classic onto a fresh crisp salad or adding it to a steaming plate of linguine you and your guests will be able to taste the generations of care and attention that have gone into perfecting this cheese.



This award winning Irish cheddar has a sharp, nutty flavour and the firm texture of a mature cheddar.  Dubliner is best served after having removed it from refrigeration for 30 minutes and pairs beautifully with a Chardonnay or a Guinness.



Emmental is a traditional cow’s milk cheese originating in the central cantons of Switzerland.  This hard cheese has a sweet aroma, fruity flavour notes and is characterized by its distinctive holes.  The fermentation process that produces the walnut sized holes is one of the most difficult to accomplish in cheese making which is why this is such a superb choice for those who are truly appreciative of a fine and distinguished offering on their table.




Feta is the best known of the Greek cheeses and accounts for 70% of the consumption of Greek Cheese.  Traditional Feta is produced with a combination of goat and sheep’s milk and is creamy, crumbly and open in texture.  It is full flavoured and the salty tang of Feta is what makes this cheese so versatile. You can confidently add this cheese to your Greek salad or melt it on your spanakopita or pizza and know that you will be kicking your dish up more than a notch.  You can also enjoy Feta with roasted red peppers, olive oil and nuts and pair it with a Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc or a Zinfandel.



This golden orange Norwegian cheese has sweet flavour notes of burnt caramel and a firm dense texture.  Gjeitost uniqueness make it an amazing dessert cheese, a wonderful addition to toast for breakfast or your own secret ingredient in your soon to become famous fondues.  This incredible cheese is described as being very close to fudge and must be experienced to be able to fully appreciate how accurate that description is.



This traditional English artisan cheese is hard, crumbly and smooth in texture with a sweet aroma and nutty, milky flavour tones.  The natural rind and yellow colouring make this cheese as wonderful to serve as it is to eat. Gloucester pairs fabulously with a British Ale or a Syrah.



Gorgonzola is one of the oldest Italian blue-veined cheeses.  This cheese has a nutty aroma and a mild to sharp taste depending on its maturity.  It is the perfect complement to your pear and walnut salad, your beef sliders or on its own with a fine glass of Bordeaux and some oat crackers.



Gouda can be used as a table cheese, served on a fruit and cheese plate or added to soups and sauces.  This Dutch classic has a waxed rind that encases a yellow, semi-hard, nutty, sweet flavoured cheese with a pungent aroma.  Hilary’s Cheese takes great pride in being able to offer you this quality item and once you have tasted it you will understand why it is one of the most popular cheeses in the world.


Grana Padano

This Italian parmesan is kin to Parmigiano Reggiano.   It is has a more solid texture and is milder than the Parmigiano Reggiano.  The aroma is fruity and that reflects the nutty, savoury and sweet flavour notes that is offered by this delicious cheese.

A Barolo or a Zinfandel are the perfect accompaniment for this Italian delight.


Grey Owl-59Grey Owl

This Canadian goat’s milk cheese from Quebec is a pleasure to your palate as well as your eyes.  The slate grey edible rind surrounding the snow white paste is striking to behold. When the silky smooth cheese cascades the sharp, lemony flavours throughout your mouth and the fresh aroma envelopes you the experience will be complete.  Pair Grey Owl with a dry Riesling or Sauvignon Blanc and we at Hilary’s Cheese are sure that Grey Owl will become one of your entertaining staples.



Gruyere is a traditional Swiss mountain cheese that has a natural rind and a dense, slightly grainy texture.  This is the perfect cheese to give your Mac and Cheese that extra something or to wow your dinner guests with the most amazing French onion soup.  Plate some Gruyere with some pears, nuts and oat crackers and serve it with a bottle of Cinsault.



Halloumi cheese originated in Cypress and is extremely popular in the Middle East with its firm, springy texture, salty yet savoury flavour and strong aroma.  This cheese has a very high melting point which allows you to pan fry it to a golden brown and create an amazing and unique presentation. Halloumi is a wonderful and refreshing accompaniment to watermelon and is traditionally served with mint on warm days.  Pair this cheese with a frosty mug of beer and you will have found your new favourite cheese choice for your summertime entertaining.






Limburger is best known for its distinctive aroma.  This German cheese has a washed rind and the more mature cheeses have a smooth and creamy texture.  Do not let the fame of this cheese’s aroma daunt you from enjoying the surprisingly mild yet grassy and mushroom like flavour of this delectable example of fine German cheese.  You can experience it best with good dark rye bread, onions and an icy cold ale.


Black Bomber

The name says it all.  This amazing extra mature award winning Cheddar from Wales is full flavoured with a rich aroma and comes encased in a black wax coating.  When you are savouring this cheese you and your guests will be impressed by both the tantalizing flavour and unique visual presentation.


Red Leicester

This fresh made Australian Cheese is brownish yellow in colouring, hard and has a creamy, mellow flavour.  Red Leicester is the perfect accompaniment with figs and dry white wine. This is definitely one of those cheeses that becomes a favourite after the first taste.


Sage Derby (special order)

An award winning Australian cheese made from pasteurized cow’s milk, Sage Derby is a semi-hard offering that has been made with crushed sage leaves.  The sage gives the cheese a sweet herbal aroma and a creamy, herbaceous and smooth flavour that make this an exquisite choice for your next fruit platter or to nibble on with pears and a glass of Sauvignon Blanc when you are enjoying some quite time for yourself.





This Spanish cheese is a semi-soft, pale yellow astronomical delight that truly represents the skill and craftsmanship that goes into Spanish cheeses.  From the distinctive herringbone basket weave pattern that is pressed into the non-edible rind to the pleasant, grassy aromas this cheese produces you will be able to serve this with confidence and pride.  Hilary’s Cheese is very pleased to be able to help bring this celebrated cheese to your table.



Here at Hilary’s Cheese we consider Mandolin one of the many treasures that Australia has so generously made available to the rest of the world.  This amazing semi-hard, smear-ripened cheese is a pale yellow in colour and crumbly and soft in texture.  The distinctive leaf rapped rind is the perfect visual for the creamy, grassy and smooth flavours that are held within.



Morbier (special order)

This soft, springy and supple French cheese is easily recognized by its black layer of decorative and flavourless ash that runs through its middle.  Originally Morbier was made with a layer of milk from the morning milking and then completed with milk from the evening milking.  Today the cheese is made completely from one milking and the layer of ash is added for the sake of tradition. The fruity, full-flavoured and tangy flavour make this strong, pungent cheese a classic for entertaining and Morbier pairs beautifully with Gewürztraminer or your favourite Pinot Noir.


Mozzarella di Bufala

This Italian mozzarella made from the milk of domestic water buffalo is soft, moist and a lovely white in colour.  Cheeses made from the buffalo milk are higher in calcium and protein and lower in cholesterol which make Mozzarella di Bufala a very popular choice when people are looking for healthy alternatives but do not want compromise on quality or flavour.




Myzithra is a traditional Greek cheese with origins dating back thousands of years.  In its fresh form it is unsalted with a pungent aroma and snow white colouring, perfect for spreading and mixing.  In its dry or aged form it is savory and is a delightful choice for grating on your favorite dishes due to its hard texture and salty taste.




Paneer is a fresh cheese that is commonly found in South Asian cuisine.  It is white, milky of flavour and has a chewy, crumbly texture. Paneer can be wrapped in dough and deep fried or served with spinach and peas.  Paneer is the most common type of cheese used in traditional Indian and Pakistani cooking.


Pecorino al Pepe

This classic, semi-soft, Italian sheep’s milk cheese has a compact and crumbly texture.  It has a strong, sharp flavour that has spicy under tones from its pepper encrusted rind and a strong but pleasant aroma.


Pecorino Truffle-2463Pecorino al Tartufo (special order)

Pecoorino al Tartufo is an aromatic and pungent Italian sheep’s milk cheese that has been infused with small specks of white and black truffles. Its earthy and fruity flavour pair amazingly with champagne.


Port Salut-6-2Port-Salut

This French classic is a semi-soft, creamy and smooth cheese with an acidic and mellow flavour.  It is a lovely accompaniment for asparagus, broccoli or baby greens and an exceptional inclusion on cheese and fruit platter.  Here at Hilary’s Cheese we enjoy it paired with champagne.



A traditional cheese originating in Southern Italy, Provolone is a semi-hard cheese, with a pleasant aroma, that is high in protein and sodium.  It is a perfect cheese to balance out a favourite hot chutney or to serve with fresh homemade bread.





Roaring Forties Blue

This rich Australian blue cheese is an example of true craftsmanship.  The striking black wax coating keeps the moisture in the product and allows for the smooth, creamy texture and sweet, nutty flavours.  Pairing this with Port will have your family and friends reaching for more of both your wine and your cheese. After all isn’t that every host’s goal?



This incredibly popular French classic is a must have for any entertain and many culinary excursions.  The sharp and tangy flavour of Roquefort is why it is perfect in Pear and Roquefort Salad and Roquefort Stuffed Chicken.  In France Roquefort is called the “cheese of kings and poses” and at Hilary’s Cheese we completely agree with that assessment.


Saint Agur

At Hilary’s Cheese, Saint Agur is one of our favourite blue cheeses.  Its creamy characteristics and rich, buttery and delicately spicy flavouring give this cheese a few more options than the strictly traditional blues.  This cheese is very spreadable and can be served with crisp vegetables very nicely or incorporated into dips. It makes an amazing sauce to accompany beef or snacked on whenever you get that blue cheese craving.


St Andre-1Saint-André

This triple crème French Brie is rich, intense, creamy and a decadent version of a classic brie.  It has a rich and mild aroma and buttery taste that is so full it can make white wine taste sour. It can be served with crusty bread or baked in your favorite backed Brie recipe.  Whatever you do be confident that your guests and family will be delighted and amazed by this cheese.



Saint-Nectaire is a French, ivory coloured, semi-soft cheese with a washed rind.  It has an earthy yet pungent aroma and a very smooth and creamy texture. This cheese pairs beautifully with Bordeaux, Shiraz, Côtes d’Auvergne or Beaujolais so you cannot go wrong when choosing it for your entertaining needs.



This cheese is similar to a Havarti or an Esrom and was original produced by Trappist monks.  The milky aroma and firm creamy texture perfectly complement its buttery and nutty flavour. Saint-Paulin is a vegetarian cheese that is goes perfectly with light and fruity wines like Beaugelais.


Sartori Reserve Balsamic Bellavitano

This unique cheese is the amazing creation of cheesemaker Mike Matucheski and comes from his Sartori Company of Antigo in Wisconsin.  It is a unique blending of Cheddar and Parmesan that creates a hybrid that is bathed in Modena balsamic vinegar to highlight the sweet, nutty and fruity flavours of Bella Vitano Gold.  This is the perfect cheese to have with smoked turkey, almonds, dates or on its own with some crusty bread.


Espresso Cheddar-2Sartori Reserve Espresso Bellavitano

This is another unique and amazing offering from the Sartori Company of Antigo in Wisconsin that rubs fresh ground Italian roast expresso beans onto their award winning Cheddar-Parmesan hybrid, Bella Vitano, which gives the cheese a smokey, sweet flavour and matching aroma.  You can pair this with Pinot Noir, Merlot or a Chardonnay or with equal confidence fruit beers or barley wines.


Sartori Reserve Merlot Bellavitano

This unique cheese is the amazing creation of cheesemaker Mike Matucheski and comes from his Sartori Company of Antigo in Wisconsin.  It is a blending of Cheddar and Parmesan that has created a unique hybrid that is then immerses in fine Merlot to give an extra tang and adds a suggestion of plum and berry to the already nutty and fruity flavours of Bella Vitano Gold.  This is the perfect cheese to have with dried fruit, nuts and crusty bread, accompanied with an India Pale Ale or a hoppy Pilsner. You can also pair this delectable cheese with Shiraz, Merlot or Pinot Noir for that perfect pairing your friends and family expect from you.


Sartori Reserve Raspberry BellaVitano

This original and distinctive offering from the Sartorie Company of Antigo in Wisconsin is their amazing hybrid Cheddar-Parmesan, BellaVitano Gold that has been soaked in a Raspberry Tart Ale,  This process enhances the already award winning flavours of the cheese by bringing out the nutty, brown-buttery flavours and accentuating sweet notes of ruby red raspberries. This pairs perfectly with a beer.


Sheep Gouda / Landana (special order)

This sheep’s milk Gouda comes from the Fuzzy Udder Creamery located in Maine and was inspired from the Dutch classic.  It is a semi-hard, dense, crumbly cheese that is pale yellow in colouring and has lovely caramel and nutty flavour notes.


Shropshire-1733Shropshire Blue

This amazing British cheese is a must have on any cheese board.  Often described as a cross between Stilton and Cheshire, this Blue cheese has a distinctive orange colouring and intricate blue veining giving it a very distinctive look.  It is a semi-firm cheese with a creamy, smooth texture and a full, sharp, tangy flavour. This multiple award winning cheese can be paired with your favourite Port Noir or that Riesling you have been saving for just the right occasion.

Smoked Gouda

Gouda is a Dutch classic and is one of the most popular cheeses in the world so you can be confident that Smoked Gouda is incredible.  The cheese is placed in brick ovens over hickory chips embers to infuse it with the rich smoky flavour which makes the Smoked Gouda the perfect partner to fruits, nuts and chocolate and a wonderful addition to sandwiches and burgers.  There is nothing better to enjoy Smoked Gouda with than a tall, frosty glass of beer.


Blue Stilton-5Stilton

To the cheese connoisseur Stilton is exemplary of the best of British cheeses.  When planning your entertaining offerings Stilton should be a staple. The semi-soft and radiating blue veining make this cheese visually appealing while the spicy, strong flavour are the perfect match with crackers, biscuits, breads and walnuts.  Pairing this cheese is also a host or hostesses dream since it goes so well with red wine.



Swiss cheese is the American version of the Swiss Emmental and is best known for its distinctive holes and sweet, mild flavour.  This firm, pale yellow cheese can be enjoyed with apples, pears, grapes and thinly-sliced prosciutto.



This semi-soft Italian cheese has a mild, fruity, tangy flavour and a strong, pungent aroma.  During the cheese making process the cheese is washed with seawater once a week which allows a thin crust to form and prevents a mold infestation.  The creamy texture lends well to melting into your favourite recipes as well as complimenting dark leafy green salads.

Tete de Moine

Tete de Moine means Monk’s Head and it is believed that this cheese from Switzerland was originally made by monks dating back eight centuries.  The exceptional scented flavours are released only when it is scrapped. A tool called the “Girolle” is available to make this easier and to allow for the best tasting experience.  You will enjoy serving this cheese with a Pinot Grigio and your guests will be captivated with the entire experience.



Vacherin Fribourgeois

This Swiss semi-soft cheese has a pleasant and nutty flavour with milky undernotes and a grassy aroma.  The inedible rind has a stinky aroma but once removed it does not overpower the delightful aroma produced by this amazing cheese.  Commonly used in fondues or as a table cheese Vacherin Fribourgeois is also exceptional in grilled cheese sandwiches or on steamed vegetables due to its outstanding melting qualities. Cabernet Sauvignon will compliment this cheese well.



Valdeon is a Spanish blue cheese that is made from a mixture of goat and cow’s milk.  It is a bold and spicy blue with dense veining and a powdery white rind. This dynamic cheese is a strong cheese and as such pairs well with bold wines like Bordeaux.




Mango Ginger Stilton-1White Stilton with Mango & Ginger

This blended cheese incorporates the delight of traditional Stilton with the sweet, savoury intensity of mango and Australian Buderim ginger to give your taste buds an exciting and intense cheese eating experience.  White Stilton with Mango and Ginger is great as a breakfast or desert cheese but pair it with some walnuts, pears and a bottle of Chenin Blanc or Sauvignnon Blanc and you may find that all other cheeses pale in comparison.